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Ethereum Mainnet - Dencun Upgrade

Mar 13 at 09:45pm +08  –  Mar 13 at 10:15pm +08
Affected services

Mar 13 at 09:45pm +08

The Ethereum mainnet is set to undergo the Dencun upgrade on March 13 at epoch 269568, with activation scheduled for 13:55 UTC. This upgrade, a significant milestone for Ethereum, introduces proto-danksharding to enhance scalability and security. Stakers are required to update their beacon nodes and validator clients to align with the upgrade. The Dencun upgrade, a combination of two smaller upgrades - Cancun and Deneb, focuses on scalability and security improvements. EIP-4844 within the Dencun upgrade changes how rollups store data on the mainnet, aiming to reduce costs and enhance scalability. The introduction of blob space allows rollups to add data more affordably, leading to cheaper transactions for users.

We recommend clients to monitor the upgrade closely and pause activity on wallets during the time of the upgrade.

To see this upgrade live, please refer to